Our Story

Coral Fanatics is run by a team of passionate reefers turned purveyors of beautiful, exotic and rare corals. We endeavour to take the hobby to greater heights by catering to the needs of all reefers and to make available an abundance of alluring corals and top quality specimens.

Coral Fanatics also specialises in in-house aquaculture of coral. Rare strains are preserved by propagation and made hardy for your home aquariums. 

All corals in store are carefully sourced and handpicked by our knowledgeable and dedicated team, who are passionate and avid hobbyists themselves. We import premium corals from all over the globe, including but not limited to, regions such as Australia, Indonesia, USA and the South Pacific.

Browse through our gallery for an idea on the quality and variety of corals that we make available to our fellow hobbyists! 

Drop by for a chat or to view, and to let us tickle your fancy!