Coral Essentials Coral Power FW Dip

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Coral Essentials Coral Power FW Dip is a very effective product to remove flatworm from SPS Coral. It is a blend of Ti Tree oil and isopropyl alcohol that we have found is extremely effective in removing flatworm off all coral types, especially SPS.  

Note  - DO NOT USE on Montipora species.

Available in 50ml.

Directions: Dilute 1ml of Coral Power FW Dip per 1 litre of saltwater from your system. Place the affected coral so it is fully submerged into the solution for a period of 30sec - 1 minute. Shake the coral vigorously in the solution using a twisting motion to remove the flatworm from the coral structure. Then rinse in saltwater in a separate container before returning to your tank.  Repeat the process in 7 days if required to break the breeding cycle.