Two Little Fishies Bactiv8 NPX

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Improve water quality with Bactive8 NPX from Two Little Fishies. When used in conjunction with NPX Bioplastics or other biopellets and a protein skimmer, Bactiv8 NPX will help remove nitrate and phosphate from your reef tank.

  • Cultured naturally occurring marine heterotrophic microbes
  • Helps promote the decomposition of organic wast in a heavily stocked tank


  • Shake well
  • Add to a high flow area of the tank
  • Initial dose: one capful per 20 gallons
  • To seed NPX Bioplastics media - add one capful per 20 gallons for 10 days
  • After 10 days, add 25 mL per 33 gallons, twice a month
  • Turn off UV sterilizer and protein skimmer for 3 hours after dosing